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Targets all 9 Hallmarks of aging

10 highly effective ingredients

Improves fitness and wellbeing

Backed by over 400 scientific papers

Powered by AI technology

Constantly evolving formulation

Created by leading longevity researchers

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Customer Reviews

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I won back 4 years

Because of my interest in age reversal, I took an epigenetic age test nearly two years ago. The results weren't that great; the test said I was 47.4, while my actual age was 46 at the time. While researching longevity and ways to reverse biological aging, I stumbled upon Extensia.
I chose to take only the supplement and skipped the individual training guide, since I was and still am pretty active, and I prefer doing my own workouts. Fast forward 10 months, after sticking with the supplement and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I took the epigenetic test again, and guess what! It showed I was 44.0, even though my chronological age was 47! That's almost 4 years in just one year! I touched base with my doctor to make sure everything was okay health-wise, and he confirmed that all my levels were right where they should be. Everything looks great!


I've been following the longevity science for years, and Keey is a game changer. Basically, It's replaced 90% of my previous supplement stack. Now all I take in addition is my collagen, a multivitamin, and my Omega-3s.


I've been taking it daily for about 4 months now. I feel really good with it. I sit in front of the computer all day (Software Developer) and it helps me with my focus. Also, I feel more energetic when I move around, not a sports guy, but I feel more motivated to be active.

Lukas A.
Cool Product!

I must say, this longevity supplement is pretty impressive. I've been researching longevity science for years and have been buying separate NMN, AKG, and Betaine supplements individually, which can get pretty expensive. KEEY gives me all that, plus more, in one pill and so much cheaper.


I appreciate Extensia's customer support. They were prompt in addressing my queries. As for the supplement, I think it's doing its job, though I've been combining it with a healthier diet and more exercise.